Pakistan-United States Relations

3 May

History of Pakistan-United States Relations

History of Pakistan

After the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, Pakistan is given half of Punjab and the current territory of Bangladesh, formerly known as East Pakistan. The assassination of Pakistan’s first Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan in 1951 paves way for the Pakistani military to engage in political affairs, which lead to internal instability and the prevention of democracy. Fear of Indian threats to their nation, Pakistan desperately seeks national security, which their own military failed to provide.


U.S. Gets Involved

-U.S. gives aid to Pakistan

Fearing Soviet expansion, the U.S signs the Mutual Defense Agreement with Pakistan in 1954, funding a total of $508 million of military aid from 1953 to 1961.

-U.S. suspends aid to Pakistan

When the second war over Kashmir breaks out between Pakistan and India in 1965, the U.S. suspends military aid to both of its allies.

-U.S. resumes aid to Pakistan

Shortly after the Indo-Pak war over Kashmir, the U.S. resumes non-military aid to Pakistan.

-U.S. suspends aid to Pakistan

India helps East Pakistan secede and establish the independent state of Bangladesh in 1971. U.S. does not aid Pakistan.

-U.S. resumes aid to Pakistan


-U.S. suspends aid to Pakistan

In 1979, U.S. learns about the Nuclear Arms Project constructing a uranium-enrichment facility in Pakistan and decides to suspend aid.

-U.S. resumes aid to Pakistan

The Soviets invade Afghanistan in 1981. The U.S. provides $3.2 billion of economic and military aid to Pakistan. The Central Intelligence Agency (U.S. CIA) helps the Inter-Services Intelligence (Pakistan ISI) in providing training and arms to the Afghan Resistance group, Mujahedeen (training operated in Pakistan) to fight against the Soviets.

-U.S. suspends aid to Pakistan

The Soviets leave Afghanistan in 1990 and U.S. suspends aid to Pakistan.

-U.S. resumes aid to Pakistan

2001: War on Terror. After the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11, the U.S. mends relations and aids Pakistan to rid itself of Taliban and Al-Qaeda operations in Pakistan. The hunt for the leader of Al-Qaeda and mastermind of the WTC attack, Osama Bin Laden, begins.

The members of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda had received U.S. training and weapons in 1981, to fight against the Soviets. The U.S. is trying to rid the world of terrorists it had created. In 2009, the U.S. gives $7.5 billion of non-military aid to further improve its bi-polar relations with Pakistan.

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Current Analysis of Pakistan-United States Relations


Osama Bin Laden: Top Priority of CIA

President Obama places the capture/assassination at sight, of Osama Bin Laden, as top priority on the list of the CIA, shortly after being elected as President. In May 2010, the CIA gets a lead on Osama’s whereabouts. In August 2010, the location of Osama Bin Laden is confirmed. On May 1, 2011, Osama Bin Laden is announced dead.

Why did it take the U.S. military 9 months to eliminate the terrorist?


Political Conspiracy?

The U.S. military captured Saddam Hussein on December 14, 2003. Former President George W. Bush’s presidential campaign was launched a few months before the capture and execution of Hussein, and Bush won the chair for another four years.

President Obama’s campaign was launched a few months ago. The timing of the execution of Osama could not have been more perfect. Does the fresh implantation of trust in the President of our State guarantee his seat for another four years?

For all you people who believe in conspircay, this is a great read!

Global fingers point at Pakistan

Osama Bin Laden was assassinated in Ambottobot, Pakistan at a location roughly two kilometers from a Pakistani military academy. 20-foot walls and barbed wire surrounded Osama’s mansion. It lacked phone lines and Internet connection. It was the biggest “house” in the vicinity. However, Pakistan claims to be unaware that the world’s most wanted terrorist was residing within its borders, in and out for the past decade. When the U.S. military sent in Navy Seals via helicopter into Ambottobot, the Pakistani government was not informed or consulted with. However, Pakistan denies this and wishes to share credibility for the execution of Bin Laden, but is in a position where it can neither accept nor deny the accusation of knowing his whereabouts. If Pakistan sticks to it’s ignorance of Osama’s whereabouts, they will not be credited for the execution and will be seen as nation with a failed security system. If Pakistan says they knew of Osama’s whereabouts and wishes to be accredited for the execution, they will be seen by the global society as a protector of Osama for the past decade.

Click here for an article by CNN 

Fox News covers the story of Osama’s death

Future of Pakistan-United States Relations

Will Pakistan be charged with secretly supporting a global terrorist or will the U.S. buy its story of ignorance? Well one thing is for sure; this incident is grounds for the U.S. to suspend aid to Pakistan.



Tracking the Egyptian Police

2 May


Pesticide in India maims babies

2 May

On April 27, 2011, the Stockholm Convention declared Endosulfan banned worldwide but the decision will not be reinforced on India until the whole country ratifies the law. The Indian government protested the ban claiming that the agricultural prices would increase without the cheap use of pesticides like Endosulfan.  The Indian government has pushed aside the human cost of using Endosulfan in favor of keeping their pockets deep.

Endosulfan is a pesticide regularly applied to food crops in order to eliminate insects. It is chemically similar to the pesticide DDT. The effects of Endosulfan, in North America, on humans are little but its effects on animals are dangerous enough for it to be brought to the Stockholm Convention. In the southern state of India, Kerala,  the effects of Endosulfan on humans are disturbing. The district of Kasargod, Kerala, has been sprayed Endosulfan aerial for over 50 years over the cashew plantations.  Over the years, the pesticide leaked through the soil and entered the drinking water.

The residents have been suffering from physical deformities, cancer, and weakening of the central nervous system. Keralan Officials say the malignant effects of Endosulfan is growing and will continue for 20 years. Kerala has banned Endosulfan but India refuses, allowing Endosulfan to be smuggled in from other states. Kerala won a big part of the battle with the decision made at the Stockholm Convention but the struggle to convince their country is still underway.

Hello Kitty, A TRUE Jetsetter!

26 Apr

In 1974, the Japanese company Sanrio, in tandem with designer Ikuko Shimizu, created the next kawaii (“cute”) character in their growing collection: a lovable white kitten with a red bow and blue overalls named Hello Kitty. The character was created primarily for a pre-teen female audience, but over the years, people of all ages and backgrounds, throughout the world, have grown to love Hello Kitty.

The original Hello Kitty (at left)

A modern-day raver girl donning Hello Kitty at a party. Not exactly Sanrio’s first thought for a Hello Kitty fan, but a celebration of the character all the same. (Above)

Since her debut, Sanrio has established Hello Kitty as a true icon, creating countless fashion looks for Hello Kitty that suit girls (and possibly boys!) of all ages and interests, including the “goth” culture that would normally shun the adorable character.

Gothic Hello Kitty (at left)

Though the goth and punk Hello Kitty looks have only been created by Sanrio to expand Hello Kitty’s consumer base, certain Christian groups have accused Hello Kitty of being sacrilegious and even Satanic. Certain hate-cults have adopted Hello Kitty as a logo to represent their group (for reasons unknown–sickos!), and thus, Sanrio has been accused of creating a Satanic “idol” with the cartoon character.

A man with Hello Kitty tattooed on his forehead, a supposed member of the Hello Kitty hate-cult. (Above)

A “Satanic” Hello Kitty doll (not created by Sanrio) used as “proof” in anti-Hello Kitty propaganda. (Above)

In 1999, a group of three Japanese men allegedly kidnapped, tortured, and dismembered a female nightclub owner, and stuffed her severed head inside a large Hello Kitty doll. Since this incident, parents have been warned that Sanrio is trying to spread blasphemy through the Hello Kitty franchise, and that children will worship the character and even sacrifice family pets to the dolls!

The fact that Hello Kitty does not have a mouth has also caused controversy, and critics call the cat “disfigured” and say she will be “condemned to Hell”. An urban legend has also circulated that a cartoonist and mother of a child with mouth cancer asked Satan to heal her daughter, and in return, she would create a character representing him that would be adored throughout the world, and thus the kitten  does not have a mouth, representing what would have been taken away from her daughter if Satan had not saved her. Sanrio posted a statement saying that Hello Kitty’s absence of a mouth represents her being an “ambassador to all”; she does not speak one certain language, therefore she can relate to everyone internationally. Japan’s Razor TV did a special on the controversy, and asked hardcore Hello Kitty fans their opinion on the issue. (Below)

Okay, though some of the responses may be ditzy and uninformitive, none of these young ladies exactly scream “Satan’s Wench Material”.

Hello Kitty may not be Satanic, but Sanrio has also been faced with some criticism about the sexual innuendos of some products. For example, in 1997, they gave license to a company called Genyo Co. who then released a “shoulder massager” that was actually being sold as a sex toy. Sanrio released a statement saying they were disgusted by this and demanded that Genyo Co. stop selling the popular product. However, considering Sanrio was so “disgusted” by the Hello Kitty “vibrator”, the public was surprised to learn that the company has recently begun selling the product again, now available in 4 different colors rather than the vintage pink-only model. Hey, sex sells, right?

The new Hello Kitty “shoulder massagers”. (Above)

The shoulder massagers may have caused some uproar, but Sanrio seemed to have no problem with racy underwear products with Hello Kitty’s face plastered on them. But Hello Kitty is an ambassador to all. Why shouldn’t grown men and women (and their respective sexual parters) enjoy a little Hello Kitty with their foreplay?

These Hello Kitty boxers certainly aren’t meant to entertain preteen girls, are they? (Above)

Despite the controversy and sexality, plenty of people, including celebrities, innocently love the cute little kitten and even incorporate her image into their red-carpet fashion.

Lady Gaga in another wacky photo shoot with a one-of-a-kind dress crafted from Hello Kitty dolls! (Above)

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere sports a cute Hello Kitty suit on the beach! (Above)

Katy Perry wears a sparkly Hello Kitty adorned mini-dress on the red-carpet at the Brit Awards. (Above)

Heiress and socialite Paris Hilton boasts a luxe Hello Kitty fashion bag at a Sanrio event. (Above)

Transformers star Megan Fox shows her love for Hello Kitty with a huggable doll and matching necklace. (Above)

Hello Kitty isn’t just for little girls anymore! Several companies for teenagers and even grown women have hopped on the Hello Kitty bandwagon and now offer fashionable-yet-oh-so-cute Hello Kitty products, causing Sanrio’s franchise to grow even more!

Some of the limited-edition products offered by M.A.C. makeup company featuring Hello Kitty! (Above)

Hello Kitty nailpolishes offered by M.A.C.’s rival makeup company, Sephora. Do I smell competition? As Hello Kitty would say, “Me-ow!” (Above)

Leading guitar company Fender offers a cutesy pink Hello Kitty electric guitar with a matching amp for girly rockers everywhere. (Above)

Wake up with Hello Kitty! Target sells a Hello Kitty toaster that burns the kitten’s face right into your toast! (Above)

From iPhone to M.A.C. to adult products to Toon Kids, Hello Kitty has made a lasting impression on the world, and our love for her keeps growing. A celebrity all her own, Hello Kitty warms the hearts (and for some, bread!) of girls, women, and even men all over the world, and the only proper word for her would be a global jetsetter. More versatile than polyester, Sanrio’s most adored character offers something for anyone, be it a pink-loving six-year-old or a sinister goth 20-something looking for some sexy clothes in which to get her “freak on”. She may be turning 38 this November, but this kitten is as fresh as ever throughout the world! Thank God (or Satan, whatever you want) for Hello Kitty!


25 Apr

According to The New York Times, on March 20th, 2011 AT&T bought T-Mobile USA for a price they couldn’t refuse. Deutsche Telekom
(the owner of T-Mobile USA) sold T-Mobile USA to AT&T for $39 billion dollars.  T-Mobile USA covers: United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. In the article, Andrew Ross Sorkin states “The deal requires approval from both the Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission. It is unclear how regulators will react, but the companies clearly know the deal faces serious regulatory hurdles.”

TechnoBuffalo is a social network that takes the time to keep people notified about various technical changes. They took the time to create a 10-minute video that will explain the details and opinions for the buying of T-Mobile USA by AT&T.  The question that everyone wants to know is “Is the iPhone coming to T-Mobile USA?” 9to5mac answered the question best. The picture to the right is a cartoon that was made to show the idea of AT&T conquering T-Mobile. Although it may be a good idea to some, it seems to be a bad idea to others. More people seem disappointed by the decision that was made, rather than excited. 

It is a clear conclusion, that AT&T will eventually take over the WORLD!

Saddam Hussien’s Last Years

25 Apr

According to Wikipedia, they define weapons of mass destruction as weapons that can kill and bring great harm to a large number of people. Weapons of mass destruction are but not limited to chemical, biological, or radioactive weapons. Nuclear bombs are the main weapons of mass destruction that the US fear of other countries having. The Federation of American Scientists [FAS] came up with a list that shows countries possessing, pursuing or capable of acquiring weapons of mass destruction. Although there are many countries that have access to weapons of mass destruction, Iraq, was America’s main concern. Not so much Iraq, but the man that was in charge of Iraq, Mr. Saddam Hussein. <– (Picture below)Saddam Hussein has been on the American watch from since he became in power in the 1980s. Piero Scaruffi is calling Saddam Hussein’s killings as one of the worst genocides in the 20th century. During his reign, it is said that he killed approximately 600,000 civilians for unjustified reasons. In a New York Times article that was published on August 2nd 1990, states the invasion of Iraq into Kuwait. This heightened tension lead to the Gulf War. After the Coalition Forces defeated Saddam Hussein, he agreed to get rid of all of his weapons of mass destruction under George H. Bush’s order.  This is what he was suppose to do. Unfortunately, Saddam Hussein did not keep his word nor did he follow the orders. On March 19th, 2003 President George W. Bush ordered the start of a war against Iraq which included an unsuccessful attempt to kill Saddam Hussein. About 45 minutes after the first attack was made in Iraq, George W. Bush addressed the nation in his four minute speech proclaiming war against Iraq.

After the war on Iraq was declared, many major events took place. But two major events that symbolized America’s victory were: when Baghdad fell on April 9th, 2003 and more importantly when Saddam Hussein was captured by the US soldiers. Fox News published an article entitled “Saddam Captured ‘Like a Rat’ in Raid” to describe the breaking news on December 13th, 2003.

A controversy that became clear to the eyes of the American people was “Were there any weapons of mass destruction found?”  Even to this present time, that question is still left unsured. According to The New York Post “Iraq did find Iraq WMD”

After Saddam Hussein was captured he was put on trial for charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Saddam Hussein went to court a number of times, before the judge gave his verdict on November 5th, 2006.

On December 30th, 2006 Saddam Hussein was executed by being hanged. Here is a video of his execution if you are brave enough to watch. CNN states that Saddam Hussein was executed with ‘fear in his face’

What if it was you? A look at the growing problem of human trafficking.

24 Apr

You think that just because it’s the 21st century slaves don’t exist?  Well, you’re wrong.  Worldwide, there are 27 million modern-day slaves.  Every year 1 million new children are exploited in the global commercial sex trade.  The United States of America is the number one destination for Child Sex Trafficking in the World.  California is the state with the highest number of Child Trafficking offenses.

Human Trafficking is the second largest illegal business in the world after drugs.  It is growing more popular because you can sell a person numerous times, whereas you can only sell a drug or weapon once.  Over 32 billion is made a year.  Average cost of a slave is $90.  One female slave can make approximately $67,382 a year.

Slavery doesn’t discriminate.  Everyone, regardless of race, gender or where they live, is at risk.  Runaway kids who came from abusive homes are especially at risk.  The traffickers prey on their vulnerability.  The average age of entry intro prostitution is 12 – 14.  In the words of a trafficker, “they like the younger girls because it’s easier to break their spirits and know they’ll never try to run away because there was nothing left.  Ten days to two weeks of gang rape and sodomy and their eyes go blank and you know they’re good to go.”  They start kids as young as 9 months in brothels.


The punishments for these crimes against humanity are rarely severe.  Many times, the girls who were trafficked will be penalized for prostitution even though it was against their will.  It is hard to hold one person accountable for trafficking since it is a business that deals with many different people.  It is not only the trafficker’s fault, but the people who pay for the services of the slaves.

If a person is lucky enough to escape from captivity, many of them find themselves back in the world of prostitution.  Since they had been kept isolated from the world for so long they do not know how to survive in any other way.  

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have created a foundation to help spread the word.  Watching this short and informative documentary (Part 1 and Part 2) is worthwhile.  Just think, what if it was you?