state of the union address 2011

1 Feb

Obama keeps every hand gesture and facial expression very political. There is no real exaggerated hand gesture and their is a certain blank face with his facial expressions. The republicans along with many other Americans are very skeptical about the idea that Obama might be asking for a lot of money.

As president and a political leader Obama must let the country know of many ideas that he has for our country, but he also has to find a way to smooth things over when he is asking for us to take risks. It is known that the country has gone through a recession which we are coming out of slowly, but he is asking for billions of dollars for certain projects he has. When Obama talks about the money solutions and giving money to companies he says that its not about handing out money its about “issuing challenges.” I believe that Obama says things like this, because he knows that what he is asking America for is something that we are not to comfortable with. Obama is asking the American people to put faith into ideas that are not completely reliable. As a nation that has gone through a recession and is not too sure of tomorrow; putting trust in a risky idea is not very simple. Obama understands that and therefore tries to smooth things over by using words of hope and reassurance.

Although Obama’s speech is full of hope with solving the immigration issues, trying to make jobs for those who have lost theirs due to the recession, and trying to find ways to help students out with college; Americans are left in a cloud of confusion because it is not sure what to thing about the money that Obama wants to put out there.


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