Recent Japanese Disasters Remind Us That Mother Nature’s A Bitch

11 Apr

The past few years have brought about a plethora of natural disasters throughout the globe. Within the past few years natural disasters around the globe have been more apparent then ever. Hurricane Katrina, disasters in Haiti, and most recently tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan have reminded us that Mother Nature has not been very kind to the Earth recently. However, while these disasters momentarily force charities, news networks around the world, and people to offer their support for the people of a country that has just been destroyed by a natural disaster, after a few weeks or months are attentions are focused away. In the modern era, where nuclear problems such as those happening in Japan now, instead of focusing our attention on a country that has been decimated by natural disasters, wouldn’t it be better to focus our attention on fixing the Earth we have destroyed to avoid more natural disasters in the future? With Earth Day just around the corner the news and people around the world should focus on recycling and cleaning the environment to prevent future disasters instead of being shocked and distraught when these disasters do occur.

Recent Events have left town’s battered by events such as the tsunami in Japan.

And other events have hit closer to home like Hurricane Katrina a few years earlier.

While breaking news about natural disasters appear horrible at the time, in a modern era now nuclear problems also emerge.

So as the news and people will continue to talk about Japan and raise money, who is to blame for these recent natural disasters. Is Mother Nature really a bitch or do people just need to pay more attention to the changing world and focus more on protecting our environment?

This recent post by another word press user claims that Mother Nature and Earth hates us.

Others think that disturbing facts about global warming still remain and that our past damages to the environment are what are to blame for recent natural disasters.

With global warming looming always looming in today’s society, natural disasters are frequently happening. Many people now choose where to live based on the threat of a hurricane or other natural disaster. Diseases, like many other problems in the world can be treated. However, natural disasters are unpredictable and mostly unpreventable proving once and for all that Mother Nature is indeed a bitch.


2 Responses to “Recent Japanese Disasters Remind Us That Mother Nature’s A Bitch”

  1. lgsproffery May 13, 2011 at 10:43 PM #

    Steven, three things:

    1. Lots of repetition of words and phrases here.
    2. Be sure to hyperlink/insert assets correctly (Youtube video, etc.)
    3. Caption pictures.
    4. I think this post could use a conclusion.


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