Escaping Jail to Land in Prison

12 Apr

The revolution in Tunisia this past year began a series of uprisings throughout the Arab World. Egypt overthrew their dictator, who was in power for 30 years. Hosni Mubarak fled the country, when the Egyptian military changed sides to fight against the government, with the Egyptian people. In the midst and commotion of celebration, the Egyptian Military took charge of the nation, until a democratic government is established. This establishment may take three months, six months, or even a year.

Update on Egypt

Since Mubarak’s regime has ended, the Egyptians believed his oppressive rules and regulations would also end. That is until a blogger was sentenced to three years in prison for critisizing the Military. The deputy Middle East director for the New York-based Human Rights Watch organization (HRW), Joe Stork, says that the last time such an oppressive action taken against the Egyptian public was in 2007 when Mubarak had sentenced a blogger to four years in prison for voicing his opinion; that happened to be against Mubarak’s Regime.  It is far too soon to predict the future of Egypt, but the Military’s view points are quite similar to that of the ex-president’s.


One Response to “Escaping Jail to Land in Prison”

  1. lgsproffery May 14, 2011 at 1:05 AM #

    I think you might want to actually simply focus this post on the blogger instead — that might give us the overview AND the specific story.

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