Pesticide in India maims babies

2 May

On April 27, 2011, the Stockholm Convention declared Endosulfan banned worldwide but the decision will not be reinforced on India until the whole country ratifies the law. The Indian government protested the ban claiming that the agricultural prices would increase without the cheap use of pesticides like Endosulfan.  The Indian government has pushed aside the human cost of using Endosulfan in favor of keeping their pockets deep.

Endosulfan is a pesticide regularly applied to food crops in order to eliminate insects. It is chemically similar to the pesticide DDT. The effects of Endosulfan, in North America, on humans are little but its effects on animals are dangerous enough for it to be brought to the Stockholm Convention. In the southern state of India, Kerala,  the effects of Endosulfan on humans are disturbing. The district of Kasargod, Kerala, has been sprayed Endosulfan aerial for over 50 years over the cashew plantations.  Over the years, the pesticide leaked through the soil and entered the drinking water.

The residents have been suffering from physical deformities, cancer, and weakening of the central nervous system. Keralan Officials say the malignant effects of Endosulfan is growing and will continue for 20 years. Kerala has banned Endosulfan but India refuses, allowing Endosulfan to be smuggled in from other states. Kerala won a big part of the battle with the decision made at the Stockholm Convention but the struggle to convince their country is still underway.


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  1. lgsproffery May 14, 2011 at 3:24 AM #

    Ashley, good information but you must provide context — why are you writing this blog post now? What are you attempting to elucidate for your reader? Even a short intro to frame your post would be helpful.

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