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A Random Post for a Not So Random Controversy

12 Apr

As  proposed by the Republicans, the government came close to shutting down this past week because of an effort to de-fund Title X and Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA).

  • Title X funds preventative care and family planning: contraceptives, breast and cervical cancer screenings, STD and STI testing, etc, and provides them on a sliding fee scale (an estimate on how much the recipient of the treatment can afford against how much funding is received by the government).

Aside from the de-funding it will be unable to be accessed by places which provide abortion.  The secret agenda of the de-funding is to eliminate the opportunity for a woman to receive an abortion on a sliding fee scale.  However, since the 1970s, according to the Hyde Amendment, government money can not and does not fund abortion and, thus, suggests that this entire debate over Title X is solely to destroy a woman’s right to an abortion.  This theory is also suggested by the rider bill known as the Pence Amendment which eliminates a woman’s right to access private health care that cover’s abortion in addition to receiving in abortion in a safe place, since the amendment removes the right for any clinic, hospital, or private facility to do the procedure.  Additionally, a woman will need to disclose to the IRS if she has received an abortion and how and why she received this procedure (so much for privacy, huh?). A statement made by Chris Pence, in response to why Planned Parenthood doesn’t deserve funding since only 3%, nationally, of their services are abortion and nearly 10% of their facilities provide abortions, he said “If they want funding, they should just stop giving abortions.”  Again, completely standing by the theory of the secret agenda to completely destroy a woman’s right to a safe abortion and a healthy reproductive life.

Aren’t you glad instead of creating jobs the government is destroying women’s rights instead? Total step back in the world.


A Little Distraction From Egypt

14 Feb

A women in India, rioting against Valentine’s day, preparing to pop her red balloon.

On Valentine’s Day,  in America, we set aside time to express our love, spend time with our loved ones, and, overall, spend time and money to prove our love.  However, in India this is a day of resistance for a few political parties.  This is why they chose to oppose Valentine’s day.  They have the right idea.  Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark created holiday and completely commercialized, one amongst many of India’s points.  India also comprises a culture which is extremely old fashioned in where, a holiday devoted to public expression of love, isn’t exactly kosher.  So tomorrow, while we pass out candy hearts and deliver flowers keep in mind not every culture capitalizes on love.