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Somebody hang this guy!

10 Feb


Somebody hang this guy!

There’s a lot of hatred and unease behavior in Egypt right now, as we can tell. People’s hearts and souls are determined to get rid of the evil that has invaded their country. These people are crying and praying for their lives, only to be hurt in the end. Everything has been demolished, specially the peace of mind of these innocent people. In the above photograph, the heading states “Hang this guy”, clearly, state that this man needs to be gone. He is bringing down Egypt along with its people. These wild protests have been going on for a while now; this menace needs to be removed to bring peace back to Egypt. Not only are people protesting to keep them safe, also praying day after day for this horrid man to leave. Because of him, innocent lives have been lost and many have been injured. The things that these people deal with in their everyday lives, are not only violent and haunting, but also upsetting because they are losing everything they’ve got because a very rash man. The photograph also has a big red dot on his forehead, symbolizing a shot through his forehead, showing that he should be dead. Therefore, the prayers and protests, the killings and injuries are all due to this heartless man.

The red splatter of paint on his forehead symbolizes the death of him. The citizens of Egypt want him dead! The mere shot through his head shows that he needs to be gone and let the people live. 

The citing of Egypt are praying for relief and praying for peace. The protests are getting wilder, prayers are getting stronger, people are at unrest and unease due to this tragedy. 

These poor helpless people want to be free and live in peace, they want this evil leader to leave so they can live the life they want instead if being miserable.