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Recent Japanese Disasters Remind Us That Mother Nature’s A Bitch

11 Apr

The past few years have brought about a plethora of natural disasters throughout the globe. Within the past few years natural disasters around the globe have been more apparent then ever. Hurricane Katrina, disasters in Haiti, and most recently tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan have reminded us that Mother Nature has not been very kind to the Earth recently. However, while these disasters momentarily force charities, news networks around the world, and people to offer their support for the people of a country that has just been destroyed by a natural disaster, after a few weeks or months are attentions are focused away. In the modern era, where nuclear problems such as those happening in Japan now, instead of focusing our attention on a country that has been decimated by natural disasters, wouldn’t it be better to focus our attention on fixing the Earth we have destroyed to avoid more natural disasters in the future? With Earth Day just around the corner the news and people around the world should focus on recycling and cleaning the environment to prevent future disasters instead of being shocked and distraught when these disasters do occur.

Recent Events have left town’s battered by events such as the tsunami in Japan.

And other events have hit closer to home like Hurricane Katrina a few years earlier.

While breaking news about natural disasters appear horrible at the time, in a modern era now nuclear problems also emerge.

So as the news and people will continue to talk about Japan and raise money, who is to blame for these recent natural disasters. Is Mother Nature really a bitch or do people just need to pay more attention to the changing world and focus more on protecting our environment?

This recent post by another word press user claims that Mother Nature and Earth hates us.

Others think that disturbing facts about global warming still remain and that our past damages to the environment are what are to blame for recent natural disasters.

With global warming looming always looming in today’s society, natural disasters are frequently happening. Many people now choose where to live based on the threat of a hurricane or other natural disaster. Diseases, like many other problems in the world can be treated. However, natural disasters are unpredictable and mostly unpreventable proving once and for all that Mother Nature is indeed a bitch.


Ordinary Citizens in Egypt Suffer During Revolts.

7 Feb

While protesters  in Egypt successfully revolted against a government they found unjust, citizens in Egypt had to suffer through many dangers throughout their country.

Innocent unidentified citizens flee as protests in Egypt become more violent in major cities.

January 28th, 2011.

As anti-riot police fight off protesters it becomes a normality and a daily struggle for citizens in Egypt to get anywhere.

January 28th, 2011.

While protesters in Egypt are rioting through the streets to try to revolt against the government and make their country a better place for the future they are destroying the country in the present. Patience for the government to change on it’s own may not be an option for protesters. A protest that is planned out with more peaceful methods such as those used by Gandhi or during the Civil Rights Movements would be less harmful to the other citizens in their country. While protesters in Egypt may think they are bettering their country they are actually destroying their fellow citizens around them and metaphorically and literally destroying their country in the process.

Although it may be true that protesters wanted to keep riots peaceful the fact is that starting protests on the street always leaves the possibility for riots. Despite many of their’ best efforts to keep protests peaceful, people rioting on the street has still disrupted many ordinary citizens’ lives and has caused unrest throughout their country. While enemies of Mubarak succeeded in ending a thirty year regime, history shows us that revolutions do not always lead to a happy ending for all citizens.

This video demonstrates the beliefs of ordinary citizens in Egypt about the protests. Even though they may agree with the cause many citizens of Egypt agree that the protests may be hurting their country and their way of life more then it is helping it.

However, peaceful methods were not always used through out history. Other riots in the past have had long term effects on various cities and the ordinary citizens not involved in the protests.

During the Civil Rights movement not all methods were peaceful. The Detroit and Newark Riots of 1967 had equally traumatic effects on ordinary citizens of both cities.
While lack of rights that were seen in both Egypt and during the Civil Rights movement for African American should not be accepted, planning revolutions in a way that does not harm the community is also important. Revolts that happen spur of the moment such as the revolts in Detroit in 1967 can have damaging effects on the town and citizens of that town for various years to come. While Mubarak has been pushed out and the revolts appear successful everything will not be the way everyone wants it to be in Egypt. There were citizens in Egypt who were content with life as it was and whether or not the revolution meant a better life for them jobs and civilian life were put at risk.

This is a picture of an African American being beaten by police during the Detroit riot of 1967. Ordinary citizens had to endure seeing incidents like this for five days in July, an event that is hard to mentally recover from.

This video recounts the riots in Detroit from an eyewitness of the event. It illustrates that even when riots are over they still affect the city and people who had to endure them.

It’s important to fight for a cause but it’s also important to have a plan and think about how your plan is effecting your country and the others around you.
There’s a difference between protests that are like this:

And protests that are planned out and don’t effect the others around them negatively like this:

It’s always important to fight for what you believe in but we don’t need to physically fight for what we believe in. While riots are causing ordinary citizens lives in Egypt to become hell are protesters really benefiting their country as much as they think they are?

After revolutionaries succeeded in overthrowing a leader they found to be unfair, Post-revolution Egyptians are not quite ready to completely celebrate yet.
This article in USA Today describes the situation in Egyptian tourism. Normally Egypt, as a country of rich history and attractions gains significant amounts of revenue from US and other countries’ tourism. However, after the recent revolution people are still wondering if the country is stabilized and safe.

Students also have to consider the post revolutionary world in Egypt and this video portrays some of the ways students will deal with Egypt after its recent revolution.

A revolution no matter how long or short, will always have an impact on the people of that country. While many in Egypt thought a revolution was necessary to overthrow an unjust government, some disagreed with changing the way Egypt was run and now have to suffer the consequences. As businesses and tourism declined in Egypt during the revolution and even now Mubarak has been overthrown it is important to focus on the impact it has on everyone in the country.

Think Next Time Before Talking Back to An Adult

31 Jan

I think it can be agreed that any parent who kills their own children is not in the right state of mind. Throughout the years mentally disturbed parents have given various excusing for taking their own children’s lives. A woman who drowned her own children confessed that she killed her children because God told her to do it. However, out of all the crazy stories or excuses given the recent story of a Florida mom who shot and killed her son on the way to a soccer practice only to come back home and shoot and kill her daughter who was studying on the computer is perhaps one of the most disturbing in recent memory.

When a mother is found in blood stained clothes and her two children dead in the van in the garage in inside on the computer there will be some explaining to do. Every one tells you respect your elders and don’t talk back but never a punishment this extreme has ever been carried out. Police taking care of the case say that the mother killed her two children for being too “mouthy”. This may be an extreme case but it may raise further questions about parenting in the US.

Living throughout your life in a normal, family environment where your mother and father love you and would never hurt you no matter what you did could sometimes hide us from the mirage that not all families are perfect. Although, it is not every day in the news that we hear about a mother killing her two children for talking back family violence is much more relevant then we would like to imagine.

The majority of us will spend our whole lives sheltered thinking that all families grow up loving their parents. Although every child may get into little arguments now and then nothing huge will ever come out of them. However, recently celebrities coming out with stories of incest and stories of parents killing their children raises the question of parenting. There is no place that a child should be more safe then at home and the fact that even one child should have to go home and feel scared that we will be assaulted abused, or in extreme cases even killed isn’t right.

It’s a hard situation to deal with since it is nearly impossible to know what children are being abused at home. We can’t monitor every American household looking for suspicious activity in family life. However, at the same time cases about a mother killing her own children for being too mouthy should never happen in society. Just like cigarettes, bullying, and drugs are an epidemic in this country for young people, family abuse is also getting there. There are discussions, speeches, and signs in every local college and school about safe sex and not to drink and drive and those are important issues. However, just because not as many people go through family abuse doesn’t make the issue any less real. It may be a hard issue to discuss, it may be an issue that many like to think doesn’t exist but the fact is it does. Just like every other problem being faced by teens is being met with discussions the issue of family abuse needs to be faced with the seriousness it entails. Sometimes the hardest issues to talk about are the issues we need to talk about the most and that needs to start happening in this country so stories like these become less and less frequent.